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A Positive Attitude, Perfect Mental Health Cardiovascular fitness and all such medical parameters balanced is the key to keep your Mind and Life under control
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All the major medical disciplines are represented in the clinic and the IMC team approach means that patients receive the best care to suit their needs. The IMC is headed by Mohammad Mohsin Ali with a strong team of fully qualified and experienced practitioners. This ensures that patients have access to complementary and traditional medicine, all at one centre.
The Integrated Medical Centre is a multi disciplinary facility provides health care for those who wish to maximize their health and fitness.
The Integrated Medical Centre, a unique pioneering centre of excellence which creates a working model of effective healthcare by combining the best of modern and ancient healthcare systems of the world, to provide safe and effective treatments for the individuals.

"As a firm believer in integration of orthodox and nonconventional medicine, I have supported efforts of those who are working to safeguard and make available traditional therapies and treatments, many of which are on the verge of extinction. I am anxious that everything possible should be done so that people can in the future continue to benefit from these more traditional methods of healing."

HRH The Prince of Wales

“The Ali brothers�?list of patients reads like a veritable celebrity roster. It includes names of senior political leaders, high ranking bureaucrats , diplomats, famous artists, successful sportsmen, well known lawyers and heavy-weight industrialists both from India and abroad.�?/p>

Times of India

“The basic premise on which Mr Ali’s therapy works is the strengthening of the immune system. The human body has a strong immune system which fights against diseases. Due to poor eating habits and also unhealthy Lifestyles, this immune system gets weakened and the body becomes susceptible to illness.�?/p>

The Asian Age

“Mr. Ali uses a combination of alternative medicine systems including acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, osteopathic massage and therapeutic massage.�?/p>

Mid Day

“Taking celebrity patients away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life to hill stations in India helps cure many Lifestyle induced diseases, says Mr. Ali, a proponent of alternative medicine which helps disease not by drugs but by the doctor’s hands.�?/p>

Khaleej Times, Dubai

“Talking to patients at the clinic and witnessing the results-hardened insomniacs slept soundly on the therapeutic massage tables, it was clear that the system works.�?/p>

Indian Express

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