This is by far the commonest form of backache and it can be acute, when due to a sudden movement there is a slight ‘snap�?followed by an excruciating pain. This is often referred to as ‘slipped disc�? Due to the weakening of the muscles and ligaments that bind the vertebrae of the spine together, the vertebrae can easily shift or become tag heuer replica sale misaligned. As a result of this slight shift, they become more vulnerable to a greater displacement under strain audemars piguet replica sale or sudden movement . Once displaced the joints that connect vertebrae are dislocated and the disc is unevenly compressed. This pressure on the disc causes it to bulge at its weakest point and this protrusion impinges on the of nerve roots. That is the origin of the excruciating pain.

When the spine is in a healthy condition an acute prolapse of a disc is only possible if there is a fall or trauma such as an accident . Sudden movement alone will not cause it .You don’t see Pete Sampras slip a disc, for all his bending and picking up tennis balls. When a slipped disc occurs after lifting or bending. It is usually because the disc is already replica watches uk compressed or weakened by many factors. Moreover, the muscles and ligaments that bind these are weakened or strained long before the episode takes place. The sudden movement is just something that triggers the bulge or aggravates it.

Chronic wear and tear of an inadequately supported disc can cause gradual degeneration. In this case the blood supply to the disc is cutoff due to compression and the soft material withers away slowly, being replaced by bone tissue. Excess replica watches for sale body weight and lack of exercise can promote and accelerate the degeneration. Such a disc degeneration or prolapse can happen anywhere in the spine but the most frequent location is in the lumber and the lower part of the neck, where the wear and tear is greater. Thus tingling or numbness down the arm into the fingers and sciatica in the leg, caused by pressure on the nerves, are rolex replica sale more common than such disorders in other areas of the body.
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