Chiropractic Manipulation

A  primary health care profession specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Chiropractic comes from 'cheiro' and 'practos' meaning... hand, and to move, literally 'done by hand'. Treatment is usually, but not solely , by means of manipulation. Although chiropractors usually treat biomechanical   problems, they can also have an effect on visceral disorders. 

When did it start
United States 1890's DD Palmer " rediscovered a form of manipulation and christened it chiropractic, founding the first college in Iowa.  It has grown since then with 55,000 chiropractors in the USA, about 450 in the UK  and probably 90 - 100, 000 world wide. 
The philosophy of chiropractic.

That the body has the capability of healing itself, and it is what we do to ourselves that interferes with this innate ability.  Chiropractors use their skills and techniques to help restore that function. 

How does it work.

There are several theories currently being researched , the general view is that the chiropractic adjustment works on two levels , firstly to mobilize  specific joints to increase their range of motion , and secondly , to use the joint proprioceptors to put energy into the nervous system affecting the function of the autonomic nervous system which in turn will change autonomic reflexes , in other words, changing the way the body is looking after itself. 

What kind of problems can chiropractic treat. 

Generally, most of our work is with  bio-mechanical disorders, such as joint pains, low back  or neck pain. If you like, we are the engineers of the body. However, because We affect the automatic reflexes with our treatment, we can some organic problems, ranging from migraine to asthma and colic in new born babies to giving pain relief in terminally  ill patients . The most important point to remember is that we are trained to recognize that sometimes chiropractic treatment is not appropriate  or even contraindicated and we then will refer you to the relevant specialist for further investigation.
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