Knowing a problem is the first step to its solution. Most of the suffering due to sickness could be avoided if we knew the basics of health, exercise and nutrition. This book tries to understand the problem of diabetes in a very clear-cut terms and suggest a programme for effectively managing it, thus preventing serious complications, and disabilities (like amputation, blindness, kidney failure and heart disease) that come in the wake of poorly managed diabetes.

Although I have tried to understand, explain and show how to manage diabetes in purely scientific terms of modern medicine, the management strategies are those developed at the Integrated Medical Centre, New Delhi run by me. I have developed these strategies after studying dozens of old systems of traditional medicine (now known as alternative medicine). This is a holistic program involving dietary and lifestyle changes, including yoga and acupressure. Interestingly, this is part of the larger medical regime of building health and managing disease that stabilises blood sugar and improves general health parameters dramatically. It is not in isolation with modern diagnostic and therapeutic practices, but a part of the package.

Diabetes book available
at IMC, written by
Mohd. Mohsin Ali
(Director of IMC)
The Integrated Medicine approach brings quick and durable results because it is not quackery or mystical mumbo jumbo. It works because it takes advantage of the vast body of ever growing research on carbohydrate metabolism, the latest in nutrition and exercise physiology, the most advanced pharmacology, plus the old wisdom of different cultures.
Read this book, and by the time you finish it, you would be half way to recovery and stabilization. That means a healthy, active life would be just the next step. Best of luck. Enjoy a long, healthy life.
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