The ancient Chinese developed a system to cure specific ailments. This resulted in a form of rejuvenation through self-massage. Eventually, the Chinese evolved a system of diagnosis and treatment for a more complete medical approach. Combining centuries of observation and experimentation, with energy theory and points, this developed into theories involving acupressure, acupuncure, omoxibustion (using heat on acupunture points), and herbology.

The meeting of Chinese medicine with Japanese medicine resulted in certain techniques from which Shiatsu emerged. Shiatsu, a rhythmic series of finger pressure over the entire body along the energetic meridians, also includes stretching and tapping. From the early 1900's these techniques developed further. From Jin shin Jyutsu to Jitsu. Then Jin Shin Do, they were incorporated and used in the West more and more. Today these have blossomed into several individualised forms, some of which have been trademarked.
How Does it Work?
The purpose of Acupressure is to stimulate the body's own recuperative powers by stimulating the various points on the body or musculature. The stimulation removes energy blockages by diffusing the toxic build up that accumulates in the muscle tissue. This accumulation causes stiffness throughout the body. Stiffness in the muscles puts abnormal pressure on nerves, and blood and lymph vessels that in turn affect both skeletal systems and internal organ functioning. By holding and working sore points, muscle flexibility can be restored.
According to the Chinese system of medicine, there are specific pathways of energy that circulate through the body. These pathways, called meridians are like the body's energy highway system. Most people are considered healthy when these pathways are open and energy flows unhindered. In the case of these pathways being blocked, proper application of finger pressure can loosen muscular tension, send the blood circulating, and stimulate or balance the flow of energy.
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