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Course Name:Integrated Physical Therapy (Dr. Ali’s technique)
Duration:1 Year (2 semesters)
Certificate Awarded:Certificate in Integrated Physical Therapy
Application Deadline: 1st March 2015

Integrated Physical Therapy

The body has tremendous inner healing power if we can fix these healing powers, the body would fight the illness itself. The public needs to be well informed how to deal with these common ailments. Conventional doctors need MRI. Scan, blood test X-rays surgery where as we can simply diagnose the disease by touching the place. They need parameters everywhere to find out the cause of ailments and then treatments. For example a case of slip disc where we can diagnose much more in advance that the person is going to suffer severe pain in the back and develop sciatica pain.
Traditional and integrated medicines have always put health on first ensuring compliance with nature’s law–“Survival of the fittest�? Their aim is to preserve the quality of life up to as near end of life as possible the logic tells it’s better to spend on health than on the disease. Our aim is to integrate the best of all treatments and to start by making the best use of inexpensive Regimen therapy; where the patient’s participation is vital. Conventional medicine should become integrated and focus on the 3 most vital parameter physical & emotional stress management (yoga), circulation massage and digestion (diet). The simpler the life style the healthier and the easier is it to treat the people. There needs to be return to more physical treatments- hands on. Treat the patients first then the disease. The only way forward as to see it, is the introduction of integrated health ensuring the survival of the fittest, where most people come under this category, and where cures are carried out within the Laws of nature.

Certificate in Integrated Physical Therapy is a 1-year Part-Time Programme.
During the early months of the course, students study the basic medical and health sciences while being introduced to professional and clinical aspects of integrative medicine practice. Classes/ Training shall be held at Integrated Medical Centre, New Delhi. The Faculty works closely with alternative medicine practitioners to provide these learning opportunities. To ensure these opportunities continue to be available, the Faculty requires exemplary behaviour from all attending students whilst in the clinical and community environment. Details of which shall be shared on our website.
Students are required to complete graduation in any field of study before applying for course at Integrated Medical Centre. Here, we mould those students into future practitioners by allowing them complete attachments at the clinic and general practices with senior consultants.
Students are encouraged to have experiences outside of the main teaching clinic and practice in New Delhi or to acquire learning from overseas. Examination must be passed in their entirety before students are permitted to graduate with Diploma in Integrative Medicine.
A newly graduated practitioner is ready to be employed to work in approved positions under supervision (mostly in clinics and nursing home) for a minimum period of 6 months. After satisfactory completion of this period, the senior consultantgrants a letter of merit, this adds scope to his career as a Integrative Medicine Practitioner.
There are opportunities to undertake work overseas and applications can be planned well in advance for a successful convert.

Curriculum Emphasis
Phase 1
3 Months
Health Sciences Foundation and Theoretical Basis of Integrative Medicine
Phase 2
3 Months
Patterns of Diseases and Diagnosis
Phase 3
3 Months
Fundamentals of Clinical Practice
Phase 4
3 Months
Preparation for workplace (consultant attachments/ internship)

Each phase builds on the one before it, covering clinically related topics at an increasing level of difficulty and in more complex contexts. As the curriculum organization becomes more explicit to both students and teachers, students will be increasingly expected to take responsibility for the revisiting of basic clinical sciences and skills learned earlier in the programme.

LEVEL I     :    Foundation of Health Sciences, Integrative & Alternative Medicine
LEVEL II    :    AcupunctureMeridians (Advanced)
LEVEL III   :   Osteopathy, Chiropractic Manipulation, Deep Tissue Massageand Acupressure
LEVEL IV  :   Diet, Nutritionand Yoga
LEVEL V   :    Disease and Diagnosis
LEVEL VI  :    Preparing for Clinical Practice
1. Fundamentals of Human Body 11.  Manipulation techniques
2.  Traditional Chinese Medicine 12.  Deep Tissue Massage
3.  Alternative Medicine 13.  Naturopathy
4.  Integrative Medicine 14.  Basic Anatomy
5.  Diet & Nutrition 15.  Physiology
6.  Patient care 16.  Rehabilitative care
7.  Emergency medicine 17.  Preventive Care
8.  Medical Conditions 18.  Clinical Practice
9.  Marma Massage 19.  Entrepreneurial Management
10.  Acupressure    

The main form of instructional delivery is by lectures, demonstrations and classroom based practice, and supplemented by audio-visual materials, teaching aids, etc.
Clinical observation and practical training both will be organized at Integrated Medical Centre, New Delhi.
Courses are taught in English. Integrated Physical Therapy courses focus on flowing movements, tailor-made techniques to suit individual needs. We believe everybody is different and encourage our students to adjust their techniques to suit individual needs and body conditions.

Students are required to attend 90% classes for successful awarding of Certificate.


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