Osteopathic Massage

Healthy bodies depend on the smooth and effective operation of a finely tuned, complex system of bones and joints controlled by muscles and co-ordinated by nerves. Changes in the subtle balance of this neuro-musculo-skeletal system can result in altered flexibility and mobility, disturbance of blood supply and drainage and dysfunction of the nervous system. Such changes are most commonly the effects of the physical strain or injury, but may be caused by aspects of lifestyle or psychological stress. 

Osteopathy is concerned with maintaining and restoring the equilibrium of this system. Detail and thorough patient examination, diagnosis and treatment involving the use of highly developed palpatory skills allows osteopaths to deal with a wide variety of conditions that respond to the manual osteopathic technique. The range of such conditions is wider than commonly supposed. For example some kinds of headache, asthma and other conditions not apparently connected with the musculo-skeletal system can benefit considerably from osteopathic treatment. Some of the discomfort experienced by women during and after pregnancy can be treated with great success.

In a typical treatment, the osteopath will use a carefully selected combination of specific techniques including relaxation of relevant muscles and gentle work on joints to improve range of movement. Each treatment is individually devised according to the practitioner's findings and patient's needs. As the osteopath takes an interest in the patient's way of life, work and other activities, advice may be given on how to modify lifestyle to prevent further problems. In addition, exercises for the patients to follow at home may be suggested to involve the patient in the healing process. 

The majority of the patients will receive maximum benefit from five to seven treatments. Others will need to continuing attention to maintain a satisfactory level of mobility and relief of pain. Occasionally a patient will only need to attend once.
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